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Pork & Poultry


Pork & Poultry BBQ

One of our tomahawk steaks sitting on a marbled countertop ready to be thrown on the Traeger

New Summer

Tomahawk Steaks

One of our classic briskets laid on wax paper on top of a marbled counter with our Traeger rub sitting beside it ready to be applied

Best Selling Traeger

Classic Brisket

How it works

Prepped by us. Finished on your Traeger.

  1. Build your box

    Choose from premium quality mains and delicious sides.

  2. Receive it fresh

    Delivered to your door carefully packed and freshly frozen.

  3. Follow simple instructions

    A step-by-step from the Chef for an epic meal without the effort.

  4. Relax with your guests

    Spend time with people that matter & marinate in the moment.

Meal Kits

From our signature meal kits to seasonal selections, we've got you covered from start to finish! Customize your kit to select your favorites from our chef-created dishes.

A Brisket box with all items


Everything you need from start to finish to successfully cook our high-quality meats.

A person holding a brisket in a board

Satisfaction guaranteed or we'll do our best to make it right!


Get to know provisions and how we work

Premium protein from the best producers

High quality protein is essential for a tasty BBQ. That’s why we work directly with our trusted partners to provide you with the best quality meat, sourced for your Traeger.

One of our wonderful farmers feeding a group of cows hay out in his field

Delivered to your door

We ship our carefully packed boxes direct to your door, with quality products you can’t find in a grocery store. All our proteins and sides are shipped frozen to stay fresh from the farm to your grill.

A provisions delivery box sitting on a front porch after a quick delivery

Execute like a pro

We provide you with all the chef tested instructions you need to create a pitmaster quality meal on your Traeger. *Compliments to the chef included

A beautiful Provisions brisket sliced and served on a cutting board held by a chef just like you!

Enjoy more time with the people that matter

Less prep work in the kitchen means you can spend more time with family and friends. That’s why all of our sides require minimal prep work before heading to cook straight on your Traeger.

A outdoor party with a provisions chicken at the front of the wood table being dished out to a happy crowd of hungry family and friends sitting at the table

Get $25 off your first box of $125 or more

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