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Maple Dijon Chicken


Thaw time

2-3 Days

Prep Time

1 Day

Cook Time

90 Mins

  • 4x Half Chickens
  • Rubs & Extras

Enjoy a chicken cookout that is truly special with Poulet Rouge heritage chickens. This breed was imported from France where it was selected for its reputation as one of the best-tasting birds in the country. Pasture-raised and slow grown, these birds are fed an all-natural vegetarian diet that never includes artificial ingredients. The result is superior meat texture; thin, crispy skin; and unparalleled taste.

Prepared to cook perfectly on your Traeger, these birds are split in half and come with everything you need from our chef’s favorite Dijon maple marinade and poultry rub to marinating bags and butcher gloves.

Everyday can be a special occasion when Poulet Rouge heritage chicken is on the menu.



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