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Sliced brisket

How Much Meat to Serve Per Person

Nothing is worse than spending hours smoking meat, only to say the words “we ran out,” before everyone gets their fair share. Get dialed for your next cookout, special occasion, or holiday party with these guidelines about how much meat to plan for, prep, and serve your guests.

How Many Pounds of Brisket Do You Need Per Person?

The Traeger pros recommend serving 6-8 oz. of finished brisket per person. Remember, when you trim, cook, and carve a brisket, you lose roughly 40-45% of your starting weight. By starting with a 14 lb. raw brisket, you can feed and satisfy 12-15 guests with 6-8 oz. each of rich, flavorful brisket.

How Many Pounds of Chicken Do You Need Per Person?

Planning for chicken all depends on what you’re serving. When it comes to chicken wings, plan on guests crushing about 6-8 wings each. The average weight of a wing is about 3 oz. Plan on 18-24 oz. in wings per person. If you’re grilling chicken breast, 6 oz. per person is enough—plus, you barely lose any volume during cooking, so no extra calculations needed.

How Many Ribs Do You Need Per Person?

Planning enough ribs for your gathering can be tough. Some people take 2, while others may take 5. On average, it’s safe to plan on 3-4 ribs per person. After trimming, you end up with roughly 10 ribs per rack. How many racks you buy will depend on the number of guests you’re serving.

How Much Steak Per Person?

Traeger pros recommend serving 6-8 oz. of cooked steak per person. If you serve steak with other proteins, cut the recommended serving size in half, 3-4 oz. When deciding the size of steak to purchase, keep in mind that steaks shrink roughly 25% when cooking. Thus a 40 oz. steak will yield 30 oz. of cooked meat.

How Many Pounds of Turkey Do You Need Per Person?

To ensure there’s enough turkey to go around, expect to serve 6-8 oz. of meat per person. When deciding the size of turkey to purchase for your next party, it’s safe to plan on 1 lb. of raw turkey per person. This calculation accounts for the bones and trim you will lose during carving, leaving you with the right amount to serve your guests.

How Many Side Dishes Do You Need Per Person?

Great sides turn delicious meats into full meals. Plan for serving size rather than number of dishes—about 4 oz. per person. The culinary pros suggest you include a starch (like mashed potatoes or roasted squash), a green veggie, or a salad as your side. If serving rolls or sliced bread, serve anywhere between 2-5 pieces per person to accompany your other sides.

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