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Traeger Classic Brisket



Party Size


Thaw time

2-3 Days

Prep Time

1 Day

Cook Time

10-14 Hours

  • 1x Brisket
  • Rubs & Extras
Get ready for a brisket cookout like no other. Our premium briskets come from cattle with unparalleled marbling and depth of flavor that is sure to please. Our Australian Wagyu is born and raised on pristine northern Australian rangelands, where our partner, Westholme, has spent generations perfecting their herds. The brisket's superior appearance, flavor, and mouthfeel sets it apart from others and won't disappoint. We include everything you need to prepare the perfect brisket, from our favorite Traeger rubs to butcher paper and gloves. Whether you’re a seasoned brisket boss or breaking into the world of brisket for the first time, this box offers convenience, confidence, and a whole lot of flavor.

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Customer Reviews

  • Patti E

    11 months ago

    Quality, packaging and easy to follow instructions

    Absolutely a beautiful piece of meat and an all inclusive meal that was so easy to prepare yet still be available to enjoy your family and company prior to dinner.

    Verified Purchaser

  • Ben B

    11 months ago

    Great quality of product and the amount you get for the price.

    Great experience! Quality of all food was terrific.Packaging was smart and details. Instructions were clear and very helpful. Friends were all impressed with the final product. Great price point for all that's included. Really appreciated the level of detail on all items, from opening box to labels on separate packages you can tell the Traeger team put a lot of thought behind the experience. The only minor improvement I would suggest is tailer the instructions based on the brisket size. It assumes a full packer, I had half so played start time by ear a bit. I would have also liked the option to pick the flat or the point when placing an order for half brisket. But again, great experience!

    Verified Purchaser

  • Christopher N

    12 months ago

    The quality of the Brisket and final taste was amazing!

    The quality of the Brisket and seasoning was top shelf! The mac and cheese wasn't the greatest and the size I paid for was "12-14 lbs". Would have been nice to be in the middle of the spectrum instead of the very bottom haha (Mine was 12.1 and after trimming the fat it was probably closer to 10). Will definitely be ordering again if available!

    Verified Purchaser

  • Rebecca V

    12 months ago

    The food was great and it was nice to have it show up at my door.

    Everything tasted great! I had never cooked a brisket before so the videos were helpful. The only downside was having to check on it and refill with pellets throught out the night. I probably checked more often than necessary but hadn't cooked anything nearly that long before.

    Verified Purchaser

  • Chris M

    about 1 year ago

    I like the experience. I like not having to think about it.

    I don't know if it was the wagyu or that I'm awesome, but man the brisket turned out good. I love how it was all laid out. Seriously the "treats" for the cook was a super nice touch. Also the little things, like the cow paperclips, nice touch. I didn't need the stickers, I mean crap if I can swing $150 for dinner, probably not putting a sticker on anything.

    The links to trimming, and such from the get ready email were off.

    I like how it is all just ready to roll, but it would have been fun to actually make the stuff, specifically the cornbread and Mac and cheese. Think more home chef.

    The packaging was extremely well thought out. The environmentalist in me would like to have seen something besides styrofoam, but I get it.

    Verified Purchaser